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Smoking Kills: Tips on Cessation


Lung cancer and other diseases are frequently brought on by smoking. The irony is that people around smokers are more affected by the effects of smoking than the smoker is. There are more than 7,000 chemicals in secondhand smoke. Approximately 70 of them have the potential to cause cancer. Smoking in public can still have an impact on other people, even if you live alone.

CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy can help you quit smoking altogether. Our independent pharmacy offers a variety of health and wellness services that help you achieve vitality. Quitting smoking will help you regain your lung’s overall health, even if it is difficult at first. As a result, while you deal with the side effects of smoking, please allow us to recommend some healthier alternatives.

Consider nicotine replacement therapy, such as chewing gum, lozenges, or patches. Your mouth will have something to do when you chew, which can help you stay away from your smoking triggers. Ask your primary care physician for medication or prescription nasal sprays, which are also readily available at our specialty pharmacy in North Carolina.

Get active. Try exercising every day to help you stop thinking about smoking. Short bursts of physical activity, such as running or walking around, can help curb cravings.

Talk to our pharmacy services in Charlotte, North Carolina. We offer support for a variety of issues, including smoking addiction. In addition to the care you receive from your PCP or psychiatrist, we can also aid your healing by providing strategies for dealing with withdrawal.

Quitting smoking is hard, but endangering yourself and those around you is harder. As a result, ensure that the appropriate professionals assist you in quitting.

Get in touch with us today. We also offer medication management.

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