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Our customer service and care for our patients are what make us unique in the industry. We treat each of you like family, not just a number at those big box chains. We listen to our patients and not only hand medications. Furthermore, we also provide consultations and are always willing to go above and beyond when it comes to customer care. We offer a wide range of Pharmacy Services in Charlotte, North Carolina, which you can take advantage of. Please feel free to learn more about each of them below.

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Medication Management

To ensure patients recover well, our pharmacists can provide medication management for patients and customers. Through this type of service, patients can take their medications as prescribed to achieve better health outcomes, as our pharmacists oversee their meds.

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Auto Refills

Have your medications refilled before it runs out! We can take care of your meds, so you will never get to skip them. If you want your medications to get refilled by our reliable pharmacists, click here.

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Refill Reminders

For customers and patients to keep track of their medications whenever they are about to run out, our pharmacy in Charlotte, North Carolina will schedule a reminder and proper dosage instructions to remind them if it's time for another refill.

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Free Delivery

Our customers need not worry about their medication or supplies whenever they do not have the time to drop by our pharmacy. We can deliver their goods right to their doorsteps. We ensure that the medications we deliver are correct and properly checked based on their instruction and needs.

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Compliance Packaging

We provide compliance packaging to help patients become adherent to their drug regimens. This packaging may come in either blister packs or pouches. This service is beneficial to keeping medications organized and preventing a mismatch.

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Testing Supplies

To help patients improve their quality of life, we sell a wide array of testing supplies in our pharmacy. This means they need not go far when it comes to acquiring their testing kits and supplies, for we have them all here. These supplies include diabetic testing supplies to help patients with diabetes manage and monitor their condition.

vaccinations & testing appointments
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We offer vaccination products that are proven safe and beneficial for everyone who requires them. Our skilled pharmacists can administer vaccines. You can count on them for a safe and reliable service.

vaccinations & testing appointments
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Flu & COVID-19 Testing

The threat of COVID-19 is still out there. Having flu can hinder you from doing the things you love. It is best to get yourself tested to detect if you have them. For people who would like to get flu and COVID-19 tests, please feel free to drop by our pharmacy and get tested.

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CBD Products

CBD has been studied and has proven its potential role in easing various symptoms of health conditions. These conditions may include sleep disorders, anxiety, fibromyalgia pain, other neurological disorders, and more. We legally provide CBD products for customers who medically require them.

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Diabetic Education

We provide diabetic education for everyone to prevent and raise awareness about diabetes and its complications. We promote healthy lifestyle choices through public health education. As for patients with diabetes, we also teach them how to manage their condition by educating them about lifestyle modification and many more.