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Reasons Why You Should Get Strep Testing


Strep testing is a simple and quick way to determine if you have a strep throat infection. Strep throat can lead to severe complications if left untreated.

Some of the reasons why you should get strep testing are:

  • To avoid spreading the infection to others.
  • To get the proper treatment from a trusted healthcare professional or provider.
  • To prevent complications, such as rheumatic fever, kidney inflammation, or scarlet fever, which can damage your heart, joints, or skin.

CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy is a reliable and trusted specialty pharmacy in North Carolina that can help with your strep testing.

We offer rapid antigen tests that can detect strep bacteria in minutes and throat swab cultures that can confirm the diagnosis in a few days.

As a reliable provider of pharmacy services in Charlotte, North Carolina, our pharmacists are trained and certified to perform the tests and provide you with the appropriate treatment options. You can also get advice on how to prevent the spread of the infection and relieve your symptoms at home.

Also, if you need help keeping track of your medications or want to save time and money on your prescriptions, we are here to help and assist with your medication management. We can review your medications with you and answer any questions.

To learn more about our services, you can email us at cfspecialtyrx@gmail.com.


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