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Bringing Awareness About the Dangers of Self-Medication


These days, plenty of people engage in self-medication and underestimate the negative consequences that it brings. Without the professional medical guidance of a specialty pharmacy in North Carolina, it only leads to a worsening health condition.

Fight the urge to continue buying over-the-counter medicines especially if you notice your health didn’t improve after several days. Don’t wait any longer and immediately consult a healthcare professional so you can be properly diagnosed. In this way, the dangers of delayed, missed, and misdiagnosis can be prevented. 

Our experts at CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy provide answers to the proper consumption of certain medicines. They can guide you in determining the correct dosage for a medication. Dosage errors effectively prevent inefficiency from taking too little and overdosing from taking too much.

For your unique medication needs, try asking if a particular drug can lead to allergic reactions or interact with other drugs. This feature is lacking for people who are self-medicating. Some people are allergic to a particular ingredient of a drug without them knowing about it. In addition, the effectiveness of a medication can be reduced when mixed with other substances like herbal supplements and OTC drugs.

Antibiotic resistance is a serious health concern that often stems from self-medication. Self-prescription and failing to complete a full course as the doctor prescribed makes the bacteria drug-resistant. To prevent this from happening, allow doctors to guide you in medication management.

The masking of serious conditions, drug dependence, addiction, and tolerance are other dangers of self-medication that can be controlled under the guidance of pharmacy services in Charlotte, North Carolina. Never put yourself in financial and health risk in an attempt to save money from professional consultations. Ensure your health and safety by contacting us now.

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