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How Diabetes Increase the Risk of Heart Diseases


Did you know that those who have diabetes have an increased chance of developing a variety of health problems, including heart disease?

The incidence of cardiovascular disease is significantly higher in the diabetic population. Heart disease strikes people with diabetes at a younger age and a higher risk, needing more healthcare treatment.

So, the longer you have diabetes, the higher your risk of cardiovascular disease becomes. What causes this to occur?

Over time, even mildly elevated blood sugar levels can damage blood arteries and increase the risk of significant heart issues. More sugar clings to your red blood cells and accumulates in your blood because your body can’t process it all. Because of this accumulation, the heart may not receive enough oxygen and nutrients.

Our specialty pharmacy in North Carolina recommends taking your prescribed medications and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to lower your likelihood of a heart attack or the onset of heart disease.

Pharmacists can help provide diabetic education about the disease and the consequences that can arise from it, and how to avoid them. By assessing prescriptions and counseling patients about this chronic health issue, they can help address risk factors that lead to cardiovascular disease.

They can also help in lifestyle and medication management to help them control their health condition more and prevent heart diseases.

Allow our pharmacy services in Charlotte, North Carolina, to provide your healthcare needs not only for diabetes management but for other conditions. Feel free to call CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy for more details about our pharmacy.

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