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Helpful Tips for Storing Medications Properly


Medications are a vital part of healthcare, regardless of your age or if you are sick or not. Storing them properly is as important as taking them as prescribed by the doctor. If medications are not stored properly, they may cause poisoning accidents or can expire early before the intended expiration date.

As an independent pharmacy, we are knowledgeable about properly storing medications. That is why we have created this short guide to let you know how you should store your medications.

Medications should always be kept in cool and dry places because moisture, light, heat, and air can damage them. So, keep them away from hot appliances, showers, and others. You may place them inside your dresser drawer, closet, or cabinet.

Avoid transferring your medications to a different container without your doctor’s or pharmacist’s advice. But remove the cotton ball from the bottle as it can pull moisture in. It is best to consult with your local pharmacy about specific storage instructions on all your medications.

Make sure that your medications are out of sight and out of reach of children. They may play with and eat any medication they see lying around. It should also be in a place where your pets won’t accidentally ingest them.

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