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Privacy in Healthcare: Lessons from GoodRx’s FTC Case


The world of healthcare is ever-changing, especially in the sphere of pharmacy services in Charlotte, North Carolina, and beyond. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took enforcement action against GoodRx, a prominent online pharmacy and telehealth provider , demonstrating its commitment as the nation’s leading privacy regulator.

According to the FTC, GoodRx allegedly shared personal health information—such as prescription details and health conditions—with third-party advertisers without obtaining proper consent or authorization, a deceptive and unfair practice under Section 5 of the FTC Act. This case, which resulted in GoodRx agreeing to a $1.5 million penalty, serves as a stern reminder to all healthcare providers, including a specialty pharmacy in North Carolina, about the importance of data privacy.

In recent years, the FTC has maintained an expansive interpretation of the Health Breach Notification Rule, which mandates notification from entities maintaining personal health records in case of security breaches.

Section 5 of the FTC Act also cannot be overlooked, as its fundamentals focus on avoiding unfair and deceptive trade practices. GoodRx was accused of multiple breaches, such as failing to provide notice before processing health information for advertising purposes and claiming compliance with Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) principles and HIPAA regulations without fulfilling the required criteria. These instances highlight the need for meticulous medication management and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Lastly, companies must seek consumers’ consent before sharing sensitive personal data for advertising or related purposes. Proper authorization can prevent potential FTC complaints and enforcement actions, ensuring a secure and transparent environment for patients.

In conclusion, the GoodRx case reaffirms the necessity of data privacy in the healthcare industry.

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